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RayNeo Air 2

Your Ultra-comfy ColossalScreen in Pocket

$349 $379
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Your Ultimate Giant-screen Gaming Buddy


What You Can Do with RayNeo Air 2

Unwrap Exclusive Holiday Wonders

What You Can Do with RayNeo Air 2 and JoyDock

Take a 201-inch high-resolution gaming journey, wherever you are.

Switch to Mega-screen GamingAnytime Anywhere

Larger Screen
Larger Screen
Auto-on TV mode
Auto-on TV mode
*Connection to RayNeo Air 2 required.
*The display area of a 201-inch screen is approximately 700 times larger than a Nintendo Switch's 7-inch screen.

Free from Wired Dock and Battery Anxiety

Keep your game going strong withJoyDock's 10,000mAh battery,designed to power up your Switch while gaming.

Free from Screen Neck Pain

| Free from Screen Neck Pain Say goodbye to squinting at your handheld screen.Grab your Switch controllers, lean back,and immerse yourself with JoyDock and RayNeo Air 2.Explore any gaming posture you prefer with total comfort and freedom.

Easy Setup in Seconds

Click, Conncect and Play


Why RayNeo Air 2 XR Glasses?

Global Media Review

digital trends

“ The RayNeo Air 2 glasses have soft, adjustable nose pads and a vertical hinge adjustment … The display brightness of 600 nits makes the RayNeo Air 2 one of the brightest smart glasses available. ”


“ They work well to bring a giant screen with you wherever you go.

I've enjoyed using the RayNeo XR glasses, ... I am able to use them to play games on my Mac and use them on an old PC to stream Xbox Game Pass games while lying in bed. I also found them to be an excellent companion for working on my laptop while traveling.”

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“ Besides watching movies and gaming, you can make use of the RayNeo Air 2 as a productivity accessory to your laptop. Connecting them to a MacBook turns them into a second screen (or you can do screen mirroring if you prefer), and the same goes for PCs.”

What Our JoyDock Beta Users Say

Auto-on TV mode

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