The temples can spread out up to around 30 degrees to fit any head shape. However, the temples currently don't support vertical adjustment.

It is not recommended to disassemble the glasses by yourself. If the temples are broken, please contact the after-sales service and they will repair or replace them according to each case individually.

The cable is easily detachable as it has a magnetic design to let you use the glasses on the go. The glasses can be directly connected to DP-enabled smartphones, notebooks, and other devices through the magnetic USB-C cable.

The glasses themselves do not support a wireless connection.

The glasses use the USB-C interface only.

At present, the most popular Android devices, computers, and tablets support this interface and can be directly connected to the glasses.

A dedicated adaptor enables a connection to iOS interface devices.

Near or far-sighted lenses can be magnetically attached to the exact same position without manual adjustment.

Wearing the device on top of your glasses may cause more pressure on the nose pads, causing some discomfort.

Option 1: You can get custom-made myopia/hyperopia lenses at local opticians' stores. Remember to take the inbox lens frame with you that is included in the box and show it to the optician.

Option 2: For Nxtwear S/Nxtwear S+/RayNeo Air2 users, you can choose an alternative solution by contacting our online official partner Lensology which offers worldwide delivery. Read more details on https://lensology.co.uk/

*Note that the prescription lens frame(insert) of RayNeo Air 2 is different from TCL Nxtwear S+ and S, while lens frames of TCL Nxtwear S+ and S are the same.

In other words, the lens frame of RayNeo Air 2 can't apply to either TCL Nxtwear S+ or S, vice versa; while the lens frames of TCL Nxtwear S+ or S are compitable to each other.

Our glasses are IPX4 rated which means that they are splashproof only. If the glasses get wet, please wipe the surface with the cloth that comes with the protective case.


The device doesn’t feature a microphone or camera to support such features.

The device doesn’t feature an on/off function. Connect the smart glasses to a device that supports the DP (Display Port) output and it’s ready to use.

The smart glasses are not an all-in-one unit and do not come with a battery or computing unit. They cannot be used alone.

You can effortlessly adjust the brightness with the knobs on the temple of the glasses and within the app. Control the brightness with the knob on the right temple and switch between 2D/3D modes with a 2-sec press and hold.

If you want to experience the Multi-Screen Mode on a Windows device, please follow these steps:

1. Download the TCL AR App from the designated source or website.

2.Change your system properties by following this path: System Properties > Advanced > Settings > Visual Effects > Custom.

3.In the Custom visual effects settings, locate the option "Show window contents while dragging" and make sure it is selected or ticked.

By enabling the "Show window contents while dragging" option, you will allow the TCL AR App to display its content smoothly during the Multi-Screen Mode experience on your Windows device.
It's worth noting that the specific path and names of system properties may vary slightly depending on the version of Windows you are using. If you encounter any difficulties locating the exact settings, you can refer to the Windows user manual or contact the TCL AR App support team for further guidance tailored to your Windows device.

Samsung mobile phones operate in two modes: DEX and non-DEX. The TCL AR app is only supported in non-DEX mode. Therefore, please disable the DEX mode in your phone settings before using our app.

Performance & Storage

You don't need to charge them. They use the connected device as their power source.

The binocular display function allows for the image to be displayed for the left and right eyes at once for 3D virtual imaging, giving a realistic and life-like feeling.

Currently, only 2D gaming is supported. The device isn’t intended for a VR gaming experience.

It depends on whether the console/tablet/smartphone itself has a lagged performance while playing a game.

The device supports a refresh rate up to 60Hz.


Yes. You have to use the phone's microphone while talking then you start video conferencing on your smartphone. You can connect the glasses to have a more private experience.

The smart glasses are equipped with gyroscopes that can determine the wearer's head posture in real-time, that is to say, it tracks your head movements.

The TCL AR app uses a 1 Dof scheme. When your head is rotated horizontally, the launcher also displays more images in the horizontal direction synchronously.

The size of the virtual imaging on the screen is not adjustable.

Display & Sound

Go to the app settings or move the knob on the right temple of the glasses.

Yes. Even though the glasses are of a high standard of craftsmanship, the screen will gradually increase in terms of the heat given out after a long period of usage due to the high brightness and high-resolution performance.

Yes. The front frame lens design (magnetically attached) will prevent interference due to strong light. You can choose two extra all-black front lens designs that are sold separately.

Yes. There are two embedded speakers on the temples of the glasses.


Popular Android-based smartphones support the DP (DisplayPort) connection, while iOS devices need a dedicated adaptor. Please consult customer service or check the official website. Please refer to the compatible device list.

No. The glasses must be connected to another device such as a tablet, phone, laptop, or gaming console.

Yes. The PC needs to be able to support a USB-C interface.

You can connect to game consoles using their HDMI ports (PS4, Xbox, Switch dock, etc.) via HDMI to Type-C interface adaptors.

No. the TV should be connected through a HDMI cable to a USB-C adaptor.

Smart glasses need to use wired/wireless adaptors. This varies by the type of device that they are intended to be connected to. The adaptor is sold separately.


To address the issue with the app, please begin by uninstalling the TCL AR app. Next, proceed to download the latest version from https://www.rayneo.com/pages/download