RayNeo Launches the World’s First AR Glasses-Based Artificial Intelligence Challenge

RayNeo Launches the World’s First AR Glasses-Based Artificial Intelligence Challenge

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Shenzhen, January 22nd, 2024 – RayNeo™, an industry leader in consumer-grade augmented reality (AR) innovation, has announced the launch of the RayNeo AI Challenge, a global competition that calls on talents worldwide to craft AI-powered applications for cutting-edge AR glasses. The global challenge aims to propel the future of AI-driven experiences that fully unleash the potential of AR glasses and revolutionize everyday life.


The RayNeo AI Challenge is powered by the RayNeo AI Studio, a global-first AI platform designed for AR glasses. This innovative platform empowers large language models with more intuitive features, harnessing high-res cameras, microphones and robust spatial computing capabilities of RayNeo X2, the world’s first binocular full-color MicroLED optical waveguide AR glasses. This platform supports multi-modal recognition, knowledge base indexing, real-time online data sourcing, and the creation of life-like scenarios such as generative design. Compatible with ChatGPT’s action configuration, it facilitates seamless and swift migration.

(RayNeo AI Studio User Interface)


The challenge encourages participants to channel their creativity towards practical, on-the-go solutions that enhance users’ daily life, from optimizing productivity to fostering social interactions. The competition unfolds in two distinct tracks tailored for AI creators and developers, offering diverse avenues for participation. The AI Application Development Track invites developers to leverage AI interfaces and RayNeo ARDK, creating standalone apps compatible with the innovative RayNeo X2.


In the AI Agent Creation Track, creators — regardless of their professional development skills — can utilize RayNeo AI Studio to craft innovative AI Agents for AR glasses. Participants can swiftly construct intelligent AI Agents on RayNeo AI Studio using natural language, accomplishing complex tasks such as calorie recognition, shopping planning, and auto-drafting email replies in record time. Setups can be completed in as little as one minute. Through this track, RayNeo aims to empower individuals with the essential tools to boost their capacity for innovation, fostering positive transformations in reality by seamlessly integrating AR and AI technologies.


The RayNeo AI Challenge is now open for global applications until March 15, 2024. Top winners can secure cash rewards of up to USD 10,000. Participants also have the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary trial of RayNeo X2 AR glasses, get free access to ChatGPT-4V interfaces for advanced AI interactions, and have their AI creations featured on the RayNeo AI Store. With an incentive pool totaling around USD 150,000, don't miss this chance to play a key role in shaping the future of AR innovation.

For further details and registration, please visit https://www.rayneo.com/pages/aichallenge


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Dongyao Nie
Global PR Manager, RayNeo



About RayNeo
RayNeo™, incubated by TCL Electronics (1070.HK), is an industry leader in consumer-grade AR innovation, developing some of the world’s most revolutionary AR consumer hardware, software and applications. RayNeo specializes in the research and development of AR technologies with industry-leading optics, display, algorithm and device manufacturing.

Established in 2021, RayNeo has launched the world’s first full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide AR glasses, achieving several technology breakthroughs in the industry. Alongside winning the “Best Connected Consumer Device” at MWC’s Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2023 with NXTWEAR S, RayNeo also developed the innovation consumer XR wearable glasses, RayNeo Air 2, featuring top-tier, cinematic audiovisual experiences with ultimate comfort.