Our glasses are supposed to be used with the devices, which support USB Type-C with Display Port (DP) output.If DP output is not supported, then an extra adapter will be needed because of the unique transport protocols and constraints.

It is recommended that you purchase the converter in the link below and then connect an external 5V power supply and then you will be able to use the glasses.


Here is the link to our adapter for Android phones without DP output, and iPhones with a lightning port.


Notice: The 3D function of the glasses cannot work properly on a device that does not support DP. They can only be used as mirror images, when using the adapter

Samples of prescription lenses are included in the package that can be taken for a local optician to customize. Or you can contact our official partner Lensology (https://lensology.co.uk/ar-glasses-lenses/) to provide information on the appropriate degree for your own prescription glasses.

Yes, you can.

The following conditions must be met to watch 3D video.

1. Video source: the video must be 3D video;

2. Connection method: it needs to be a direct connection. Those using an adapter cable can only watch 2D.

3. Switching mode: Short press the buttons on the left and right temples (regardless of the front and rear sides) at the same time to switch between 2D and 3D modes (the 2D-3D switching function is only available in projection mode).

Here is some information that may help you out.

1. Upgade the firmware to the latest.

2. If your glasses model is NXTWEAR S+, change the fresh rate to 120Hz.

3. Take off the controllers from yours witch to use the glasses.

We have spoken in detail with our internal technical team and have confirmed that due to technical constraints there are differences between the Chinese version and Overseas version, it is unable to change the OS to the global version.

For your screen problem, please do the following:

1. You can draw the reference object further away and compare it.

2. Please set Pixel Slate to 1080 resolution.

3. Please select Copy Screen mode.

Since some streaming video APPs have adopted copyright protection for some video sources, we recommend you to change the video source or APP and try again.

No response:

Make sure your device support display port function; please contact the seller from which you bought your phone to check whether the phone supports the display port function.Make sure your glasses connection cable was well attached in places.

Unstable connection:

Check if there is any visible damage to the USB port of your device.

Check if the connector is loose or has dust and other foreign bodies inside, clean the connector and try again.

You can try the following solutions:

1. Exit the APP and then reopen it.

2. Reboot your phone.

3. Re-download the APP.

4. Check whether the connection is loose or not.

Here is a link you can download the RayNeo APP. Please download the correct one according to your glasses model.


Please check the steps below:

1. Please try to re-enter the APP.

2. Too many apps running in the background or the system cache not being cleared may cause APP freezes, try to clear the apps which are running in the background, or restart your phone, then re-enter the APP.

3. The app cannot work properly on an iPhone device or Android devices that do not support DP output.

Samsung mobile phones have two working modes: DEX and non-DEX mode. Only nonDEX mode can support RayNeo APP. Please turn off the DEX mode in the phone settings before using our APP.

The language of RayNeo APP is switched according to the language setting of the mobile phone system.Please change the language in the mobile phone settings.

If the problem persists, please contact service@rayneo.com with your order number,pictures or video showing your problem for us to locate and solve your problem better.